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Ivan Illich quotes from Medical Nemesis - Limits to Medicine - The Expropriation of Health - an artist's perspective in pictures

This section will be added to as time goes by, with art, cartoons and photos by Emma Holister

p 53 The Medicalization of Life

"...some critics recommend enlightened cost consciousness on the part of consumers;(55) . . . 

". . . others, not trusting the self-control of laymen, recommend mechanisms to heighten the cost consciousness of producers.(56)

Physicians, they argue, would prescribe more responsibly and less wantonly if they were paid (as are general practitioners in Britain) on a 'capitation' basis that provided a fixed amount for the maintenance of their clients rather than a fee for service. 

But like all other such remedies, capitation enlarges the iatrogenic fascination with the health supply. 

People forgo their own lives to get as much treatment as they can.

In England the National Health Service has tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to ensure that cost inflation will be less plagued by conspicuous flimflam.(57)

The national Health Service Act of 1946 established access to healthcare resources for all those in need as a human right.

The need was assumed to be finite and quantifiable, the ballot box the best place to decide the total budget for health, and doctors the only ones able to determine the resources that would satisfy the need of each patient. 

But need as assessed by medical practitioners has proved to be just as extensive in England as anywhere else. 

The fundamental hope for the success of the English health-care system lay in the belief in the ability of the English to ration supply."


55) John and Sylvia Jewkes, Value for Money in Medicine (Oxford: Blackwell, 1963, pp. 30-7, argue: 'It may be that, as electorates become more sophisticated, they will recognize they have in fact to pay for free services'; also that relatively cheap prevention through more healthy everyday habits is more effective than purchase of repairs.

56) Fuchs, in Who Shall Live?, chap. 3, argues for institutional licensing as a substitute for the licensing of individuals.  Under such a system, medical-care institutions would be licenses by the state and would then be free to hire and use personnel as each saw fit.  This system would deploy resources more efficiently and proved more upward job mobility.  But the physician's control over care produced and delivered by others would be weakened.

57) For a bibliography on socialized medicine in Britain, consult Freidson, Profession of Medicine, p. 34 n.9"

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Ivan Illich quotes: Deschooling Society and other words of wisdom from the Outer Limits

Quotes taken from Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich  

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Art by Emma Holister

p.46 - 47 The New Alienation

"If we add those engaged in full time teaching to those in full time attendance, we realize that this so-called superstructure has become society's major employer.   In the United States sixty-two million are in school and eighty million at work elsewhere . . ."

"Only if school is understood as an industry can revolutionary strategy be planned realistically.  . . .

Alienation, in the traditional scheme, was a direct consequence of work's becoming wage-labor which deprived man of the opportunity to create and be recreated.

Now young people are prealienated by schools that isolate them while they pretend to be both producers and consumers of their own knowledge, which is conceived of as a commodity put on the market in school. 

School makes alienation preparatory to life, thus depriving education of reality and work of creativity."  

"School prepares for the alienating institutionalization of life by teaching the need to be taught.

Once this lesson is learned, people lose their incentive to grow in independence; they no longer find relatedness attractive, and close themselves off to the surprises which life offers when it is not predetermined by institutional definition. 
And school directly or indirectly employs a major portion of the population.  School either keeps people for life or makes sure that they will fit into some institution.

The New World Church is the knowledge industry, both purveyor of opium and the workbench during an increasing number of the years of an individual's life."  

"Deschooling is, therefore, at the root of any movement for human liberation."

Rebirth of Epimethean Man

"Our society resembles the ultimate machine which I once saw in a New York toy shop . . . 

. . . It was a metal casket which, when you touched a switch, snapped open to reveal a mechanical hand . . . 

. . . Chromed fingers reached out for the lid, pulled it down, and locked it from the inside.  

It was a box; you expected to be able to take something out of it; yet all it contained was a mechanism for closing the cover. 

This contraption is the opposite of Pandora's 'box'.

The original Pandora, the All-Giver, was an Earth goddess in prehistoric matriarchal Greece.  She let all ills escape from her amphora (pythos).  But she closed the lid before Hope could escape.

The history of modern man begins with the degradation of Pandora's myth and comes to an end in the self-sealing casket.

It is the history of the Promethean endeavor to forge institutions in order to corral each of the rampant ills. 

It is the history of fading hope and rising expectations . . . 

To understand what this means we must rediscover the distinction between hope and expectation. 

Hope, in its strong sense, means trusting faith in the goodness of nature, while expectation, as I will use it here, means reliance on results which are planned and controlled by man. . . .

Hope centers desire on a person from whom we await a gift. 

Expectation looks forward to satisfaction from a predictable process which will produce what we have the right to claim.  The promethean ethos has now eclipsed hope." 

(quotes from ivan illich - deschooling society - art by Emma Holister)

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Mandating Vaccines is Murder - SB277, the virology ideology and Pasteur's legacy of laboratories

Tom and Mae Torlakson's Family of 'innocence': The Visage of Vichy Revisited

How do apparent victims of the pharmaceutical industry's business with poisons end up being the right (and left) arm of the pharmaceutical mandators in government ?

One might be forgiven for thinking that Tom Torlakson is one of the good guys . . .

Seeing as his re-election campaign video features his brother, the celebrated San Francisco artist James Torlakson, who touched the hearts of parents across the nation when he took up arms against the pharmaceutical corporations, following the ssri-related suicide of his daughter . . .

In view of the ethical overtones in this superintendent for public instruction's election campaign, one might think he's on the side of the parents who've lost children to drug damage? . . .

Maybe if we were to ask him, perhaps he might tell us he went walk-about one day in the corridors of government, to put those drug companies straight? . . .  showing good form, asking for more transparency, in this perverse multi-billion dollar drug industry's insidious relationship with government legislators . . .

But joking aside . . .  as far as transparency is ever possible in such murky domains . . .

And here he is now, heading a team of, well, frankly speaking, pharmaceutical mandators . . . and in view of most vaccine ingredients, let's call a spade a spade, chemical coctail mandators to be more precise . . .  

What's more, on his arm he brandishes a pretty young wife . . .  who also kind of looks good, at first sight . . . but who is equally giving off most confusing signals in this very same department . . . what with her love of parks and yoga, you'd be forgiven for thinking she was some force of nature come to save Americans from the evils of ecological devastation and corporate imperialism . . . ?

However, somewhat like a cheerleader for pharma, she proudly exclaims in her biography that she not only likes parks and bicycles . . .  but also likes raising as much money as possible for the pharmaceutical industry's vivisection laboratories too . . .

Because my dear Mae, you may be good at maths, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that cancer industry fund raisers, and other 'charities' of their ilk, have been ramming pharmaceutical propaganda and highly toxic drugs down people's throats since their origins . . .

. . . with the best will in the world of course . . .

So here we have the little dilemma . . . these people seem so fair to the needy . . .  to the chemically poisoned and damaged masses . . .

However, here they are looking so virtuous . . . as the pharmaceutical mandates roll into American schools, obliterating the health of the children, along with the basic human and civil rights of the parents and children alike . . .  with these government leaders' support and approval, I guess, seeing as they are Mr and Mrs Head Honcho in all things education in California . . . no? 

They really do look like heros of the people, don't they  . . . is it that this proud parks-and-pharma loving chemo-cheerleader thinks that now she's got a name like a viking she should go raping and pillaging the country she's moved into I wonder? . . . just jokin' Mae, nuffink personal . . .

Because I can't help wondering really . . .  lecturing as she does to the American people that they should be speaking Spanish instead of English . . .

But darling, surely Spanish is just another crusty old imperialist tongue like the one you wish it to replace? . . .

If we're talking about which ethnic group's language should be put top of the syllabus . . .  surely, in all fairness to ethnic minorities and history, when push comes to shove, I personally vote for the languages of the Native American People over that of the Spanish Conquistadores . . . Senora Torlakson . . . gracias de todas maneras para tu esfuerzo cultural y todo . . . pero, bueno . . . eres la reina de las industrias las mas imperialistas de la planeta chica! Ay Demonio!

(fuera demonio - out demon! in spanish)

(c'est pas tes oignons - 'it's none of your business' in french, literally, 'it's none of your onions')

Because this is indeed all about language . . . the language of money and power and the multi billion dollar corporations and their whores in government . . . 'scuse my French . . . 

 It is a confusing game of dualities and strangely flipping opposites in this hall of mirrors that is pharma politics . . .

Just look how the democrats' presidential visage of (apparent) black civil rights pushed through the very same pharmaceutical deal of the century drawn up by his white republican predecessor . . . if i remember my numbers right, it was a gift to the AID$ drug$ industry of 13 billion dollars no less . . . looked at from this perspective it's as though these apparently opposing presidents (in black and white) were quite simply leaders of the same party (the party for the AID$ drugs industry) . . . and he paints himself as the hero of the opposition, of black rights . . . ha

And so it continues . . . these California political masters of confusion and racial antagonism give rise to more venom and pain in those that are most vulnerable . .  in a game of opposites, smooth talking people into believing in their ethical goodness  . . . when in fact we are talking about toxins . . . deadly toxins

Lie No. 1 : Pasteur is a Benefactor of Humanity - from ‘The Ten Biggest Lies about Vaccines’ by Sylvie Simon, translated by Emma Holister

bottle photos by Anthony Brink

Seriously folks, whatever next . . . forced HIV testing?
Lee Evans Speaks Out about the HIV Tests
Forced 'HIV vaccinations?' 

The AIDS myth unravelled

The relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and fascism goes way back . . . just as IG Farben (later to become Bayer) and other pharmaceutical companies were the biggest profiteers of the gas chambers and mass drugging of soldiers with chemical 'fight drugs', so now Monsanto and Bayer have been deeply involved in the war efforts abroad and on the home front . . .

It's all about terror of viruses .  . . terror of cancer . . . . terror of terrrorists???

. . . terror of the 'infected' masses . . .

. . . terror of sects (albeit understandable, at times)

. . . not to mention, terror of sex . . .

But this is how it worked in France under the Vichy administration . . . 'We can all get along together' they all chimed in . . . 'We can live with the 3rd Reich in peace and harmony if we just accept the basic principles of who is in charge . . . not the French but the Germans, not the people but the pharmaceutical industry . . .

A Veritable Dictatorship by Sylvie Simon

And in the name of just having an easier life, getting on with those in power, in the name of peace and harmony . . . good French citizens became Nazi collaborators . . .

At the time it seemed like the only choice they had . . . the only way to keep the status quo . . . it seemed reasonable . . .

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