Friday, August 28, 2009

Crochet: Reclaim a Traditional Survival Art and Halt the Clothes Industry Slave Trade

by Emma Holister

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I am learning to crochet with the aim of never buying another item of clothing ever well as doing my bit to avoid contributing to child slave labour in the international clothing industry: (Radiohead - 'All I Need':

For me it has been a way to connect to the women folk in my life, especially my mother who taught me the first beginner stitches, as well as reclaiming an ancestral survival art that the clothes industry has tried to make us forget. During the potato famine in Ireland many women were able to support their families by crocheting clothes to sell.

Here is my first attempt at making something, I skipped making scarves and hats and threw myself in at the deep end with a button up tank top. Not bad for a first ever project without a pattern, eh? All totally free too as I made it out of an old jumper that mum and I unravelled (well, mostly mum unravelled it actually...very hard!). I made lots of mistakes, but learnt a lot. A top like this takes about a weekend going at a slow beginner's rate. The stitches are the most basic ones.

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